Academic Programs

Xavier offers more than 90 majors and 60岁未成年人 within the College of 艺术 and 科学s, the College of Professional 科学s, the Williams College of 业务 and the College of 护理. Xavier also offers programs for students who plan to further their education in medicine, 牙科, veterinary medicine, 验光, 和药店. 研究生 programs are offered in 30 areas, including doctoral degrees in psychology, 护理, leadership studies and occupational therapy.

College of 艺术 and 科学s

Actuarial 科学

Study economics, finance and statistics to graduate eligible for the nation's highest-paying jobs.


Dive into the realm of creative brainstorming, digital media and market research.

Applied 化学

Enter the field of chemical engineering through science, design, 数学ematics and technology.


Explore the universe on a large scale all the way down to the sub-atomic level.


Perfect your craft—whether it's printmaking, ceramics, photography or fiber arts.

Biological 科学s for 业务

Prepare for leadership in the biotech industry.


生物学 is the basis for many science-based careers from medicine to lab research.

Biomedical 科学s

Study biology, chemistry and physics and graduate ready to enter medical or dental school.


Explore principles in physics that describe patterns seen in biological systems.

Chemical 科学

Combine knowledge of chemistry with a background in finance, analytics or education.


Study analytical, biochemistry, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry.

Classical 人文学科

Learn more about declaring the Classical 人文学科 major at Xavier.

沟通 Studies

Bring people together through public speaking, internal communications and theory.

Computer 科学

Gain an understanding of computer processes and algorithms.

Data 科学 荣誉 Program

Dive into the world of analytics, computer science, 数学ematics and statistics.

Digital Innovation, Film, and Television

Master the art of visual storytelling.


Gain an in-depth understanding of social media platforms, 技术, content creation and digital design


Develop an understanding of micro and macroeconomics and economic policy.

经济学, 可持续性 and Society

Learn to solve sustainability challenges in economic, social-impact and cultural settings.

Engineering 物理

Discover how natural science and engineering come together.


Explore publishing, marketing, journalism and web content management.

Environmental 科学

Take steps toward solving environmental problems to help make the world a more sustainable place.

ENVS - Environmental 管理

Learn more about declaring the Environmental 科学 with a Concentration in Environmental 管理 major at Xavier.


Choose the perfect career path by starting classes at Xavier before declaring a major.

French and Francophone Studies

Learn more about declaring the French major at Xavier.

Gender and 多样性 Studies

Examine privilege, peace, justice, identity and awareness in our modern world.


Master the 德国 language through reading, writing and speaking.


Study art, technology and marketing to succeed as a creative designer.


Study events, people and ideas of the past.

International Studies

Discover new world views and learn to assess international trends.


Formulate and solve problems, analyze data and create and analyze models of real-world phenomena.

Music BA, 性能 Concentration

Explore music theory, music history, pedagogy, esthetics and music education.

Music 教育 (Ages 3-21)

研究生 with the licensure needed to teach music for ages 3-21.

Music Production

Learn about the world of music production, from Garage Band to studio recording.


Study singing, dancing and performance.


Engage in the discussion of human nature, morality, technology and faith.

哲学, 政治 and the Public

Explore politics, government and policy advocacy in this selective honors program.


Work in labs designed for experiments in electronics, 全息术, 量子光学, nuclear physics and more.

Political 科学

Learn firsthand about the practice of government and politics.


Develop the verbal, written and analytical skills needed to succeed in law school.

Pre-Professional 健康

Learn a holistic approach to healthcare that's focused on a patient's overall health and wellness.

Public Relations

Become a pro at event planning and communicating on behalf of companies.


Study social behavior, cultural diversity, inequality, and social change.


Get a passport to the world through reading, writing, speaking and experiencing the 西班牙语 language.


Study performance, stagecraft, directing and writing.

剧院 教育 (Grades P-12)

Combine theatre classes with courses to receive your license to teach theatre to grades PK - 12.


Embrace humanity's experience of God and discover how it's expressed through doctrines and rituals.


Pursue personal enrichment and the grounding for a variety of Christian career options.

University Scholars

Students in this program complete the curriculum for their chosen major while taking extra honors courses and working closely with professors.

College of 护理

Accelerated BSN Program

Whether you’ve always wanted to be a nurse or recently felt called to become an RN, our second-degree Accelerated BSN program in 辛辛那提, Columbus or Cleveland can connect you with that path in 16 months.

Direct Entry MSN Program (MIDAS)

Earn your MSN without a BSN.

Family Nurse Practitioner (在线 MSN)

A program designed to prepare registered nurses to become family nurse practitioners.

Forensic 护理 (在线 MSN)

A program designed for registered nurses to apply science and 护理 to both civil and criminal investigation and legal matters.


Become a skilled, well trained nurse in a program that connects you to professionals across the city and nation.

护理 教育 (在线 MSN)

A program designed to provide registered nurses with advanced-level preparation in the principles of nurse education.

护理/Criminal Justice (在线 MSN/MS Dual Degree)

This program integrates two degrees—the Master of 科学 in 护理 (Forensic Track) and the Master of 科学 in Criminal Justice.

Population 健康 护理 (在线 DNP)

A population health-focused post-master's degree for registered nurses who want to be leaders in the healthcare field.

College of Professional 科学s

Adolescence to Young Adult (Secondary 教育 MEd)

Prepare to become a competent, professional, beginning, secondary or pre K-12 school teacher.

Athletic Training (MS)

Collaborate with other health care professionals to provide care for the entire person-not just the injury.

Clinical Mental 健康 Counseling (MA)

Play a significant role assisting the lives of individuals and communities with problems and concerns.

Clinical 心理学 (PsyD)

Provide psychological services in today's changing professional climate.

Criminal Justice

Tap into the real-world excitement of law enforcement, crime scene investigation and constitutional law.

Criminal Justice (在线 MS)

Train to provide effective and efficient oversight in matters related to crime and justice.

教育al Administration (MEd)

Get the tools needed to lead a school or school district in a positive direction.

Executive MHSA (在线 MHSA)

A CAHME-accredited, nationally-ranked program designed for healthcare professionals seeking to advance their careers.

Exercise 科学

Help people live healthier lives through exercise, rehabilitation and nutrition.

健康 Services Administration

Learn how to handle the critical jobs in information systems, finance and marketing for hospitals.

历史 or 英语 教育 (MA)

Study the past, or help young people finish high school fully prepared for college.

Master of 健康 Services Administration (MHSA)

A CAHME-accredited, nationally-ranked program preparing leaders in healthcare management.

Master of 社会工作 (MSW)

这个在线, on-campus hybrid model program prepares students in the Jesuit tradition to be advanced practitioners of social work.

Middle Childhood 教育 (Grades 4-9)

Specialize in social studies, 数学, science or reading while developing the skills needed to teach grades 4-9.

Montessori (在线 MEd)

Learn to inspire and educate the future generation through hands-on-learning, self-directed play and collaboration.

Montessori 教育 (Grades P-3)

Learn what it takes to be a Montessori educator.

Montessori 教育 (MEd)

Become scientific observers who can provide students with developmentally-appropriate environments.

Multicultural Literature (MEd)

Expose children to a wealth of literature from a broad and increasingly diverse variety of different cultures.

Occupational Therapy Doctorate (OTD)

Improve people's lives by using meaningful activity to address physical, emotional or educational needs,

Primary 教育 (Elementary MEd)

Combine the latest theories, practice and opportunities for curriculum development and application.

Primary 教育 (Grades P-5)

Gain the skills needed to shape the lives of children in preschool through fifth grade.


Gain a better understanding of human behavior.

Radiologic Technology and MRI

Learn how to produce quality images of human tissues, 器官, bones and vessels using imaging equipment.

Reading Specialist (MEd)

Influence youth to become lifelong readers–and in turn–lifelong learners.

School Counseling (MA)

Gain the individual attention, community building, ethics and values it takes to work in a school setting.

Secondary 教育 (Grades P-12)

Learn more about the undergraduate Secondary 教育 program at Xavier.


Empower individuals and communities by connecting them with resources and advocating for social change.

Special 教育 (Grades P-12)

Gain the skills needed to shape the lives of children in as an intervention specialist.

Special 教育 (MEd/MSEd)

On campus program. Prepare to become a competent, professional, beginning, secondary or pre K-12 school teacher.

Special 教育 (在线 MEd/MSEd)

Better serve and educate students with special needs.

Sport Administration (在线 MS)

Develop leadership skills and prepare for success within the expanding sport industry.

Sport 管理

Gain experience through organizing, budgeting and evaluating official sports organizations.

Sport 市场营销

Explore the world of sport marketing, from PR to advertising, digital media and more.

Teaching 英语 to Speakers of Other 语言s (MEd in TESOL)

Respect the diversity and multiculturalism of 英语 language learners.

Teaching Integrated 科学 (Grades 7-12)

Become certified to teach science in grades 7-12.

Williams College of 业务

Accountancy (MS)

The Master of 科学 in Accountancy program prepares students for careers as accountants. Find details about the MS in Accountancy at Xavier University, located in 辛辛那提, 俄亥俄州.


Measure, process and communicate financial information for companies and corporations.

业务 Analytics and Information Systems (BAIS)

Help businesses make decisions through data analysis. Minors: 业务 Analytics, Operations and Supply Chain 管理.

业务 Undecided

Gain the knowledge, skills and networking needed to succeed in today's business world.

Customer Analytics (MS)

Help companies make data-led, customer-centric, problem-solving, business decisions.


Study how wealth, goods and services affect the world and its economies.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Learn to use new ideas and innovations to solve problems.

Executive MBA (MBA)

The 16-month EMBA for seasoned corporate executives immerses students in leadership, team-building and strategy.


Discover the techniques for making effective financial decisions for indidivuals and companies.

International 业务

Gain a foundation in international business principles and practices within world trade and economies.


Master the techniques it takes to guide a team to greatness.


Master the world of marketing, from sales and advertising to research and brand management.

MBA (在线 MBA)

Be prepared to make an immediate impact in the evolving business world.

Part-time MBA (Main Campus)

Xavier's main campus MBA includes part-time MBA program enrollment and full-time MBA program enrollment. Nationally-known as one of the top 辛辛那提 MBA programs.


A learning-intensive cohort honors program for students declaring a major within the Williams College of 业务.